Friday, 15 August 2008

Is the Kenyan media serious ?

Over the last 7 days,I have found it the Olympics a hard act to follow. With the usually mediocre national station getting feeds from China, that ought to have been a fallback plan. Again our other media stations even sent their journalists to cover the Games.
What has been coming from Beijing is far from satisfactory. Last night I stumbled onto one station's sports news & yes they did start with Olympic news, getting all excited about Kenya's Jason Dunford short-lived record breaking swim (he'd recorded a 51.14 secs Olympic time only for it to be lowered by Milorad Cavic from Serbia a few minutes later).
Then the coverage went through some headlines which I didn't find relevant or at least relating to most sports fans from around this part of the world. The station did not even give a run of which events to expect medals or at least look out for.
Today the athletics programme starts where Kenya's real chance of winning any gold medals are. If you can afford it make time to your local watering hole or where they've satellite TV,at least Supersport has not disappointed.
As for our local media stations, barbs and more barbs (as Tom Mshindi used to say)!

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