Friday, 13 June 2008

Power of Delusion

Over time, I have come to see that human beings are gullible creatures however much they claim to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. Kenyans rank among the top 5 list of the illusionists.
Why I say this ? Last weekend Kenyans thronged the Nyayo National Stadium almost bursting the seams of the ground. A football match matched Harambee Stars against the Guinea team which ranks among the top teams in Africa. Analysts had already concluded that this was going to be a walk-over for Guinea. But Dennis Oliech had other ideas.
OK, now I am not one to spoil the party for the Kenyans but those proclaiming that our boys are heroes and showed be treated as such are calling the bluff big time. I mean, even organising the game itself had more than one organiser making the tickets for some of the fans fake due to double registration.
Preparations for the game had also been hampered though the Kenya Premier League ( which is running the show instead of Kenya Football Federation....hehehe, trust Kenyans).
Illusions, illusions, illusions !
Tomorrow we host another top ranking team with a lethal striker in the name of Benjani Mwaruwari. But then again, I don't want to spoil the party. Go on and get entertained at the stadium. Be sure to carry your running shoes just in case the power of delusion fails you !

Update on Kenya Football:

I have told that being a pessimist and hating the Kenyan team but why should I be suprised ? Let them prove me wrong by winning this weekend's away game at Harare & at least that way I'll restore my hopes in them.
Along with that, while it may seem good for the Kenyan PM to offer the team the cash like he did last weekend, I think a proper way of rewards should be structured. This should focus on consistency and continuity and not the knee-jerk approach that our Kenyan football officials like. I'd also like to see the proposals of developing linkages with the South African footballing administration pursued further and more comprehensively. Let's prove ourselves to be more than lip-service.

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