Friday, 13 June 2008

Government sees the Light ?

Smarting from one of the worst times in the country's history, the Kenyan Finance Minister had a serious balancing act on his hands. I'm sure he might have said some quiet prayer for the last 3 days and even faced Mount Kenya like our forefathers back in the day.
A couple of sweeteners were drawn from his bag of tricks but one that caught my eye was the allocation of KShs. 500 million (approx. US$ 7.7 million) to the Youth & Sports Ministry for development of youth programmes, a sports academy ,training and infrastructure for sports disciplines. The major part of the allocation is the funds though will be to the Youth Development Fund-whatever the technocrats in the Ministry mean by that.
In a country which has pedigree of some of the best athletes in the world, this comes as a boost yes but also a tad too little too. If I look at what sports can achieve in this country and the amount of investment put in, in the last few years, it's even a suprise that we are this far. The remittances too also justify a need to put some funds into the sector and please Mr. Minister, do let those technocrats hide papers from you !
Over to you Finance Minister !

( GUYS:Am I too late on this plea ?....just a thought !)

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