Friday, 6 June 2008

Rugby out of steam ?

Our beloved brothers in the rugby 7s team had me disappointed again when they ended this year's Sevens circuit on a low key and were edged back to 7th position on the standings. While disappointment's been a close shadow this side of the Sahara, I thought they would do better and prove us wrong on that aspect.
Even after being hosted to a private party by Sir Richard Branson at an enviable location at the African Heritage overlooking the proper African savannah, these brothers lost the scheme of things. Or maybe, they were overfed and pampered with too much food for their taking....or maybe it was the swallows (you know some of our sportsmen have this dubious reputation of being good bedfellows with the bottles..)
Recourse though for redemption may come in the way of the Safari Sevens which starts in 2 weeks time. This can be a showcase of their brighter start to the circuit and what better way to reward the Kenyan fans than to win something at home soil.
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