Friday, 13 June 2008

Golf -Is it really a sport in Kenya ?

There are some games that the masses ( like you and I) regard as either elitist or just another past-time. Recently a friend from the 'outer circle', joined a local golf club with what most middle level employees and top management do in the country. I'll not belabor the point that maybe we are just adopting our former colonial masters ways.
I last visited an upcountry golf club in the mid-80s. Back then my joy was running around the green fields which I still love walking around (given the chance....hehehe)or once in awhile getting soaked up in sodas and snacks from the members' parties.
Maybe it's just me, but surely there are others ways we can network for business. True some of the contacts we get there are worth the while. But why should I start paying a fortune for some a**-kissing charade that I don't even believe ? You see guys with fancy looking attire on their over-sized bodies, while others try the Tiger Woods-look as well as keep affairs at the golf club they are paying membership for.
I mean, come on ! How many of those guys who pretend to play golf even go past the first fews hurdles and get through the handicaps to a fairly competitive and professional player ? By now a Kenyan should have won the Kenya Open Golf tournament which attracts quite a number of Tour players.
But as with most Kenyan trends you'll find people pretending to know the game and even becoming analysts and giving this and that advice. I guess for most of them it's just a way of being seen to hang out with the 'moneyed' or is it creme de la creme of Kenyan society ?
Meanwhile let me see what I can do to convince my pal to take me along with him & enjoy the walks. You never know I could also bump into a chairman and get coached into some CEO of sorts !


Anonymous said...

ehehhe! most Kenyan's love living a lie and thats a fact. I am not sure what might be the course of this; either we hate everything about ourselves(the language we speak,the way we live, the way we relate etc)
That is why I will use a phrase a certain visitor on this blog said, Kenyans love 2nd hand living. We have nothing authentic and even if we do, we try as much as possible to subvert it.Thus, I am not surprised when anyone promoted to the Managerial level suddenly knows what a handicap is and can list all golf courses in Kenya and their opens. I think its a question of what is more important, loosing one's individualism for more business deals or maintaining one's dignity but loosing touch with so called club members.

The Figure said...

Can't add anything more !