Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Football, football, why follow me ?

The Kenyan football gam just won't stop featuring on this blog ! I still hold the view that we are far from celebrating any victory yet. Some say you may win the battle but you've not won the war !
Looking at the last few games played by the national team, one may think we have won the World Cup. Sorry to all you who have made it to the stadium ( please don't stone me the next time you see me there). It's just that when I look at all those hungry-greedy looking officials and non-entities pretending to know the game, I wipe a tear sympathising with all you Kenyans.
First we need to get right-thinking and more creative officials managing the game. Secondly, a blueprint detailing the plans for the game in the next 5 years needs be developed. Hey we have some really good guys who can develop the document(s).
Thirdly, involve the Government as a whole in the development of the relevant infrastructure and international links. While it might be well-meant for the Prime Minister to offer not just moral and financial support, a more procedural way needs be developed. You can't play populist moves and expect long term success!
Fourth, the local private sector needs to become more proactive in sport. Football has seen some interesting takes from such corporates as Barclays Kenya and Coca-Cola Kenya but they have not outlined medium to longer term plans for the game. Come 2010 and all these corporates will be falling over themselves trying to sponsor this or that football activity.
Finally, we need to start appreciating professional development of locals running the game. I have come across less than 10 professionally trained sport managers. Please add to my list if you think am bluffing.....

As for now, I'll hold my champagne bottle as I wait to see what will come of our boys at the return legs of their games against Guinea and Namibia. We also have to think about the 2nd phase which will have much tougher teams.

FYI: If you are feeling very patriotic, watch the recorded game against Zimbabwe today in your local national station KBC.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a wet blanket..Idiot. You said Guinea would creame us. I hope you got constipated eating your own words. What do you know about football anyway? What contribution have you ever made to the Kenyan game? Why don't you comment on matters your are more well versed on than display your total ignorance of Kenyan football. Can you even name the present kenyan line up? or any kenyan line up for that matter? I thought not. FOOL!

The Figure said...

Well, well , seems I stepped on your nerves right there ! Doesn't matter even if you call me names & it's never good to underestimate the words of others.
I won't qualify your insults with an answer but at least you read what I said.
Come 2010 and I guess you will remember my words, keep Blogging though !

Anonymous said...

ehehee! kumbe men can be emotional and my! aren't they throwing them around like emotions are going out of style soon.
Anonymous, why do u have to be( excuse my french)so bitchy? I bet your sporting dreams died when you got your KCSE results and all you do is philosophize Kenyan football. You lost the whole essence of blogging and journalism for that matter. My challenge to you, why not start a blog and see how easy it is to remain relevant! One need not be a player for them to write about a certain sport, its inane for you to challenge people on such grounds and the same goes for you challenge for a list of the current Kenyan football players. May I ask how long ago you also knew all the players? Lets not pretend here, chances are, you were a die hard fan of English football until the Kenyan team beat Zim and you are not the only one.
Blog on T.M,even when you sound like the prophet of doom.

The Figure said...

Thanks Anon 2. True most of the current Kenyan fans are joy-riders. We can't all be football gurus but hey I think my 2 cents worth of words can make a difference when and where it matters.
Prophet of Doom ? Maybe more in line of a soothsayer ! Thanks though & keep blogging !