Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Footballing Legend gets rude welcome home

It seems robbery gangs don't really have boundaries when it comes to their hideous activities. From Rio de Janeiro to Nairobi, back across the globe, if they want your lovely little gadgets and half-full pockets, they will get what they want.
According to media reports, Pele was on his way to his beachside house in Sau Paulo when a gang attacked him and his driver as they approached a tunnel along the way. The gang said to number about 10 on realising who their victim was decided to return some of the items to the driver but made away with a gold chain, watch and mobile phone belonging to Pele.
It is not fair to find humour in people's misfortune but that shows just how vulnerable all of us are in the face of these hoodlums. If this was an incident back here, I guess by now all sorts of conspiracy theories would be doing the rounds. We have become so simplistic in our thinking that we can't think clearly. A few weeks ago, some Ministers died in a plane crash and politicians were saying that this was not a normal accident (since when did accidents become normal ?)
Spare this thought, if they weren't politicians and non-prominent people, would the hue and cry be as loud as it has been ?
For more details check; http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7468416.stm

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