Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Lewa Marathon 2008

Coming hot on the heels of another out-of-town event, the Lewa Marathon ( this year, they are branding it, Safaricom Lewa Marathon), will be run this weekend at the Lewa Downs Conservancy which is about 150 miles north of Nairobi,see
This event attracts a sizeable crowd of fitness enthusiasts as well as a who-is-who in the athletics world. There are also a number of participants out to network and get corporate contacts as most companies have made it a rule to send a number of middle to upper tier managers to the event. If you're also looking out for some politicos, am sure a couple will be around trying to raise money for this and that project which forms part of Lewa Conservancy CRS.
Having seen this as a worthy opportunity to give back to the community and a way of bringing the corporate world out to the wild, Michael Joseph is surely savouring the success of the event in only its 8th year. But coming at a time when the company's been in the spotlight for some bad promotional move and also the listing of the company on the NSE, am sure he will watch every word he's bound to say.
Take time if you have jogging around your estate and hopefully get a car-load of 2-3 friends (who don't mind being in the wild). Enjoy the weekend and the flavours of the wild.

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