Tuesday, 24 June 2008

BarCamp 2008 : Nairobi comes alive

Image courtesy of Gichingiri Kuria.

Thanks to my lovely lady ( you know yourself !)and my contemporaries and role models(the likes of Bankelele, Mentalacrobatics, KenyanPundit,WhiteAfrican ,KenyanPoet, Skunkworks) to mention but a few who made look forward to this day.
Being a blogger and one who's looking out for different IT forums such as these, I couldn't even get enough sleep on Saturday.
The camp didn't disappoint and for all those who attended we can attest to a day well spent. Personally, it was a most interesting day to meet in person some of the faces behind the famous blogs. Meeting such gurus as Riyaz, Mbugua-Zunguka,Kahenya Kamunyu among other presenters made me appreciate the ICT developments happening oh so fast in Kenya. What was even more encouraging was the appreciation of these developments by the ICT Board -Kenya which was actively represented by Mr.Limo, Paul Kukubo and the PS Information Ministry Bitange Ndemo.
I felt so small as compared to some of these 'giants' but then again how else do I expect to grow ? All in all it was worth the time spent and can't wait for the next forum. We might be tempted to add a few more hours and days into the itinerary but maybe that's just my thoughts.

Day Sponsors: Ushahidi.com, Kenya ICT Board,Google,Strategic Lee, O'Reilly.com, Yahoo, Wananchi Online.

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