Monday, 20 August 2007

B-Ball's sell-outs

One Luol Deng , he who plies his trade in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls ( winners with His Airness , Michael Jordan in the 1990s) has decided to play basketball for....wait for this.....England in the 2012 Olympic Games.
According to sources, his decision was after being helped in his earlier days when his father sort asylum in the UK while on transit to the US. True the lad played his first few hoops in the UK for a team called Brixton Topcats, whereupon he won a basketball scholarship which took him to the States and now the NBA.
The decision it is said is part of saying 'Thank you ' to the UK. As he does this, two other top players in the NBA both of African origin await their letters from the Home Office (UK's equivalent of the Immigration Ministry) to become British citizens. Pops Mensah Bonsu of the Dallas Mavericks and Kelenna Azubuike of the Golden State Warriors wait for their passports to go through.

I keep saying if you really want to play basketball or any other sport for that matter...don't choose the easy way out, work for it and earn it ! In any case it will always be noted that you gave up your birth right to play for some opportunistic country which doesn't give a rat's a** about your stay !


Anonymous said...

that's pretty ignorant because through Luol Deng doing so, he has brought more attention to his country and made the situation observant to those people who love him and had understanding of his past ad where he came form

Acey BlackStar said...

Pops Mensah-Bonsu doesn't need no letter so the Home Office. He is a british Citizen born and raised in TOttenham, North London into Ghanaian family

The Figure - TM said...

Thanx Anon & Acey, I acknowledge ur comments. But I still hold my ground, that unless Africans ( & even Afro-Americans) stop looking down upon themselves & running away from the problems that plague our sports we'll never be forces to reckon with. Charity begins at .... !