Monday, 20 August 2007

Football fever's back !

True to form, my fellow male being are happy and smiling from ear to ear as their weekend programmes are back with all the football menu being served. It gets more interesting as there are enough channels to choose from; DStv,GTV, Nation TV and once in awhile Citizen TV. But I'll give it to GTV for pulling the rag under DStv while bidding for the English Premier League games-taking 80% of the live games(
I fell victim last weekend when the League started as I went to my favourite spot to watch the game which featured my favoured team. Shock on me as I waited for a whole 45 mins only to realise that DStv which the management has been using to promote its location not screen the game.
Nonetheless, GTV's arrangement to hook up pubs and other entertainment spots together with EABL is bound to bear fruits sooner rather than later. It's all good back here.
Meanwhile, I have been taking a look at the top teams in Europe and am not very sure whether some will hold that position at the end of the season, but then again what do I know ?
1. Manchester United- with the win of the English Premiership in 2006-7, growing fan base in Asia the team had revenues in excess of $310 million (or €243 million OR £168 million).It's valued at $1.453 billion (€1.137 billion OR £786 million) Major buys have sought to cement the team's position in the League and European Champs League.
My thoughts: They may not take the English League as they have foundered on their first 3 games but underestimate them at your own peril. They will challenge for Europe though with most of their players having a wealth of experience there.
2.Real Madrid- Europe's most successful club. Revenues are in excess of $374 million (€292 million / £202 million)-a whole 64 $$ million more than Man United, but they have struggles in the last 3 years only salvaging the Spanish La Liga after Barcelona's floppy finish. The team has sold most of its players and sought to have a youthful team as they look to regain the League and challenge in Europe. They also got a new coach in the summer break.
My thoughts: No offence but they will not regain the League and the European Champions league will be harder since most of their players are new to this experience.The team is valued at $1.036 billion (€811 million / £560 million)
3. Arsenal - Surprise , surprise !They who play the most enjoyable game in England, they who are always having soft touches but can't make the tie in crunch-time games. They have had a difficult 2 seasons finishing top 4 but having made it to the European Champions League final in 2005-6 campaign. The team's revenue estimate at $246 million (€192 million OR £133 million)with income at $20 million(€16 million / £11 million). The new Emirates stadium and a loyal fan base will help bolster their position in the English League but this will not be easy. They sold their talismanic player and they don't have 'battle-hardened players'. But trust the Professor as some call A. Wenger to pull a few rabbits up his sleeve. It's valued at $915 million (€716 million / £495 million).
Other teams rank as follows;

4. Bayern Munich :-Revenues: $262 m and its valued at $838 m
5. AC Milan :- Revenues: $305 m and the team valued at $824 m
6. Juventus :-Revenues $321 m and the team is valued at $567 m
7. Internazionale Milan :-Revenues $264 m team value is $555 m
8. Chelsea:- Revenue $283 m while the team is valued at $537 m
9. Barcelona :-Revenue $331 m with the team value at $535 m
10.Schalke 04:- Revenues at $157 m with the team valued at $471 m

Well as you go out there to cheer your team, know that you are making an extra dime for them through your viewer-ship, purchase of whatever drink or snack ( even if it's in the comfort of your home !).


Dayo said...

Well, I'm more of a La Liga fan, myself. Not so much interested in the Premiership. I like your article, though. You raise and interesting point in reference to earn those teams' money for them.
I would like to know what you think about things like this, as relates to the South Africa 2010 World Cup:

The Figure said...

Thanks Dayo. It's true La Liga has some interesting football it's just that the timing of the games at our location is a bit late for viewing.
As relates to the 2010 World Cup I can tell you am all ears and have my antennae up on the tourney. I'll be doing an article quite soon on this.