Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Compe ni Compe -Satellite TV in Kenya

I love it! From the choice of sliced bread to the milk and yoghurt products that some of us like indulging in once in awhile. Even margarine has one of the favourite’s getting a run for its money from the latest entrant in Kenya. They call it liberalization, free market of whatever other ‘economik’ term they come up with, but for consumers it’s more quality, more competitive packages (which usually become affordable to US , CONSUMERS !), wider offering to name but a few.
Well same thing has happened fro those who enjoy pay TV or satellite-supported TV programming in Kenya. GTV vs DSTv! Starting with them having almost similar names, everything else starts drawing semblances. From having sports channels (mainly offering football, English Premier League for all you football fans!), cartoons for the kids, drama and action channels is the main attractions. But let’s take an even closer look;
Over the weekend, DSTv came up with what they are calling “DSTv Fact # 47” – 3 packages namely
- Premium with over 50 channels at a price of KShs. 4800 (approx. US$ 70),
- Compact- over 25 TV channels at KShs. 1725 ( approx.US$25)and
- Family-over 20 TV channels at KShs.1350 ( US$20)
Now let’s check GTV’s offering, well for starters they have narrowed it to a single product of KShs. 1750 (ex VAT) thus KShs. 2030 (US$ 30). Well the catch here is that they have named the channels on offer. Plus there is an installation charge of KShs.15000 which has a month’s free subscription. For the marketers, they would call it a mass market approach. This is usually so for a company that wants to make the numbers as they play catch up to more established firms (in this case , DSTv, Oxygen TV and local channels). What I like though is that DSTv has finally felt a jolt and come down to where they can do business with more Kenyans as the appeal and demand for satellite TV rises. This is the future for TV and as the major media houses in Kenya can show, subscribe and beaming your news and other programmes over the country and continent will have its appeal and audience-not mentioning possible sources of revenue for exclusives and other local productions too. I can mention 2 here KBC and Nation which have led the way, but am sure Citizen is catching up fast as KTN also tries to put its act together.
Let’s see how far the 2 satellite channels will take this, but as said, it’s YOU and ME who they should look out for! As you make your choice for English Football premiership and other favourite sporting action , know that ....There’s TV and there’s GTV and accept nothing else DSTv……so much more !


bankelele said...

and now add NTV to the mix with some free premiership games. It seems viewers will have to use all three options to watch all the games they want this season as no one has a clear monopoly

The Figure said...

Hey Banks,
Thanks for the comment. True that. NTV's into the English Premiership. I only hope it won't be like the UEFA Champions League where they featured ONLY 2 teams and left out more entertaining games until the semis and Final.
That's what competition's all about. Keep blogging and throwing in comments.

Anonymous said...

Just a correction...GTV has 2 packages: 1,750 (inclusive of VAT) without any sports channels; and 2,750 (inclusive of VAT) which has the sports channels. If you get the first one, you will NOT get the English Premiership.

The Figure said...

Thanks for the correction. Might have missed a point or two. Keep blogging though & maybe next time you can include your name or some identity...tsk !

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