Monday, 23 July 2007

All Africa Games- a Brief on Kenya ,sideshows

With the Games coming to an end yesterday at the capital Algiers, first I'll have to say am deeply disappointed by the overall performance of the team. For a country callng itself Africa's sporting powerhouse, 15 gold medals is mediocre by any standards. Before I go on, I'll first pay tribute to our 'dashing' Dunford, he won Kenya 3 gold medals (2 silver & 3 bronze) in swimming.
Other disciplines such as athletics could afford a few medals, but compliments to Boxing's Suleiman Bilali, Cycling's Chris Froome, the tae-kwon-ndo team and also the rowing team.
I'll try give a more comprehensive analysis as the days go by.
On another note though, doping seems to have been part the Algiers Games too. Weightlifting champion Blessed Udoh of Nigeria tested positive for a diuretic and Angolan swimmer Rola Nuno Nuno was positive for an anabolic steroid on Sunday. The former had won Nigeria a gold,silver & bronze medal in the women's weightlifting while the latter hadn't won any medals. Their results were nullified henceforth.
Also reporting from Algiers, the Nation correspondent was on hand for the Kenyan volleyball game between Kenya and Algeria where Kenya's men's team lost by 3-0. Some fan interference had led to the game being stopped for 45 mins before the Kenyans were persuaded to come back. Me thinks this is abominable coming at this time and age and Algeria ought to be punished for fan trouble. But will it happen ....?

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