Wednesday, 25 July 2007

More Corporate participation in Sports

It seems funny when sports in Kenya is written off as a recreational and 'other' activity especially in corporate circles. Many a times have I heard federations,associations,unions and others in sports complain how stingy most top managers are in Kenya.
Funny enough, most of these guys have membership in top golf and country clubs but do not indulge in the game of Golf for sports and fitness purposes rather than a place for business networking and show-off for the latest clubs,4x4s and other indulgences. OK let me spare some slack for my pal who has been hoping to join a top golf club in Nairobi.
Lately though there has been a change of heart by a couple of these guys and some are letting up and throwing miniscule amounts to sports as they try to hide face and make more 'corporate responsible' practices. I have counted some which seem like strange bed-fellows in whichever sport they engage in ;
-top Bank among the blue chip companies roughing it up in the football grounds of Kenya,
-another , a parastatal that had more MDs than the palm of my hands in the last 10 years also thinking of moving into football.
Let's face it, these companies need sports more than sports needs them. Enumerate the benefits, cheap PR, a wider and more concentrated audience,fitness among the employees, among others. Let's keep our fingers crossed, even the Government announcing a reward system for its athletes, glory Halleluyah !
It's not a favour, it's both a duty and obligation of the stakeholders to keep it in sports, cos we don't disappoint. I'll blow this till Kingdom come...

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