Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Motorsport -New revelation ?

As for all you Formula 1 enthusiasts, it has been a startling start for the lastest kid on the block, one Lewis Hamilton.
3 out of 3 podium finishes out of a possible 14 races of the season, 3rd so far in the F1 standings(though level in points) as well as posting some of the fastest times in the practice sessions...and the kid is of Afro-origin.
He's been a revelation for McLaren who lead the manufacturer's standings so far. His being of colour ( where do they get some of these terms? So Caucasians and others have no colour pigmentation ....?), having good looks ( I have seen women staring at screens and papers asking who this cute guy is) and him being among the youngest drivers have had critics compare him to Tiger Woods.
He might have the same influence as Tiger did for golf. He has to keep on winning and having some positivity will see what future holds for the truly talented kid.

He's said to 'analyse carefully and clearly after every race. The guy said that he'd want to drive at 10 years for Ferrari. Before switching from the GP 2 he dominated it for the whole season...tells you where he's coming ?

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