Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The joke that is Kenyan football !

I've tried to restrain myself but I just can't. I've tried giving them a chance but as you and me know, it's wringing water from some stone.
Some stone that is the Kenyan football officials-Kenya Football Federation. As I blog, I can't say who is who in the list of officials. I have tried getting it straight but I lost track. FIFA in the meantime has become embroiled in the whole saga dictating even who holds what post in the local branches...I mean how low can it get ?
When all's said and done, the so-called officials are all in this for the monies submitted by FIFA for development of the game. As you might have read sometime back, the perks the officials enjoy especially when teams play abroad would make any business executive envious. One Musa Otieno said that some official was busy enjoying himself in Europe while the national team which was to play in some West African country was languishing in extreme conditions having soda and bread as their meal !
As if that wasn't enough, we have had enough controversies with the Premier League where some teams were to be relegated and others promoted. But the whole circus continues unabated while the h***as scramble for the bones that are left of Kenyan football.
I'm reliably informed even the hope that was Mathare Youth Development Centre has been having it's own in terms of scandals and greasing of hands of Kenyan football officials.
The special advisor one Jerome Champagne has also taken sides to worsen an already gloomy picture of the Kenyan football situation.
That much said, Kenya is to play Swaziland next month ( starting with a planned friendly in Nairobi against the Nigerian Super Eagles...that's if the KFF officials whoever holds office legally is to finalise this !)
Since the European leagues will be on a break , I presume there will be some interest from your ardent football fan but otherwise we'd be letting it pass without much ado.
If you'd ask me, let's get the ban for the next five years (harsh it maybe) but we'll learn our lessons and put our league and all that pertains to football in order. That might also chase away the vultures and keep them at bay.
Some Kenyan footballers have been approached by English teams with MacDonald Mariga being sort by Bolton Wanderers and Portsmouth. There is also rumour that Dennis Oliech who has had a lacklustre season in France might be headed that way too. Let's see what happens in the summer break of the seasons. Are the h***as reading this ?

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