Thursday, 3 May 2007

Italian Roc-a-Party

Do you at times look out in the sky and see like it's about to rain and savour the drops and smell of the drops as they hit the dust ? I guess that was the feeling at San Siro last night as they taught the Red Devils a lesson in football.
A few friends I'd know they'd like booked their spots ready for the Final on 23rd May bragging how the English have dominated the game this season. I beg to differ, English teams (with foreign players) have had their share of domination this season.
Well back to the news of the day...AC Milan with some twin engines the like of Kaka and Seedorf were looking lethal last week. They proved their point at San Siro. 3-0 the final score. If it ain't too much I'd give it to Kaka, who with his goal now becomes the leading goal-scorer this season in the Champs league. That kid just does it for me.
Playing in one of the toughest leagues in the world and coming from the world's major export of football talent, he's been a joy to watch and has survived the 'catenaccio' defences and come out without any major injuries. He plays with purpose and with his long strides is able to out-pace defenders as he runs to either meet brilliant passes by his midfield partner Seedorf. Let's all give a round of applause

Now looking at the Final, Liverpool rode their luck again and beat Chelsea with their rugged play. On paper it looks like A C Milan have it for the taking but looking at 2005 final in Instabul...I'd hold my cards a little bit longer.
Given that Liverpool have had a quite a cocktail of a team, some players are rested than others has a better edge than Man U yesterday. Gerrard will be the inspiration as usual but with Kuyt, Pennant and Xabi Alonso it's a tough midfield battle. But Milan have had the smarts of Seedorf and midfield "sheriff" Gennaro Gattuso. Add Kaka and their super subs Filipo Inzaghi and Andrea Gilardino then you'll expect an exciting match. I'll put it to AC Milan with maybe a 2-0 win.

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