Wednesday, 2 May 2007

NBA Basketball's fan-ta-stic !

Surprise surprise ! Reigning champs out ! What a game ! It's the NBA Play-offs and this year has seen the lowly seeded teams try to match it up there with the big dogs.
Let's start with the total humiliation of Miami Heat by Chicago Bulls who swept them 4-0 to go to the second round of the Play-offs. The Bulls boasted of the likes of Luol Deng ( a naturalised Sudanese) as well as Ben 'The Menace'Wallace, formerly of the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference.
In other games, Cleveland Cavaliers swept Washington Wizards by a similar margin by winning the last game 97-90 to ensure a clean 4-0 sweep of the series. They are led by one Lebron James- pretender to the crown- Eastern conference too. The list of other games is as follows;
New Jersey Nets lead Toronto Raptors 3-2,
Detroit Pistons mauled Orlando Magic 4-0.
Western Conference:
Golden State Warriors lead Dallas Mavericks 3-2,
Houston Rockets lead Utah Jazz 3-2,
Phoenix Suns lead L.A Lakers 3-1,
San Antonio Spurs lead Denver Nuggets 3-1.

While it maybe a bit of a surprise for some of the teams, majority of the teams have shown much resilience and have risen to the occasion of the Play-offs. A case in point is the Detroit Pistons who have been consistent Play-off finalists in the last 10 years. They also have a well-rounded team which plays some tight defence though they have had a revolution this season scoring higher than previous seasons.
The Cavaliers have also made it for the second time in a row and may go further than they did last year. Their match-up maybe the New Jersey Nets who have been given a run by the Raptors.
As for the Western Conference, Spurs look all but sure to wrap up their series. The other games are a bit tight with the Mavericks being given a scare by G.S Warriors and have to go into their reserves to get to the next round. The Lakers also seem to have lost steam but it could go either way for the Rockets or Jazz.
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