Friday, 23 March 2012

True "B'ball Awards" CodeRED Basketball style !!!

The 'unofficial' basketball promoters in the country - CodeRED Basketball- managed by entertainment group Code Red DJs will tomorrow award outstanding Kenyan basketball talent in an event to be held at the Louis Leakey auditorium, Nairobi, Kenya National Museum starting at 1800hours.

Filling in the vacuum left by Kenya Basketball Federation which has been dithering in many ways in handling the basketball game in Kenya, CodeRED Basketball which has been behind the Friday Night Basketball action will host what would be the creme-de-la-creme. Naming them, 'The B'ball Awards' and as they have christened them 'let the stars shine'; the awards will seek to recognise the talent in the game in country for the 2011 season.
It's a good initiative only that we wish it was KBF which had secured their services and competitively engaged a professional vetting body which would in turn ask the public to vote in. This would have been a more representative move which would sell the game to the public, in essence promoting basketball further.

Can the Federation come up with something more wholesome and engaging the entire basketball fraternity? Can they engage more widely with corporates who would be willing to support their cause? Can this be the learning curve for the game to be able to change its face now and in coming days?
Pity that others see opportunities while the top brass' still in slumber...serious contenders and basketball officials, the ball is squarely in your court!

Quick Update:
A quick update of winners on the day;
  1. Best Player - Male - Tobias Odhiambo - KenCom Lions
  2. Best Player - Female - Hilda Luvandwa -  USIU Flames
  3. Best Team - Male - Co-op(erative) Bank
  4. Best Team - Female- Eagle Wings
  5. Best Coach - Male - Carey 'T9' Odhiambo - Co-op Bank 
  6. Best Coach - Female - Thomas 'Smarts' Olumbo - Eagle Wings

For more info on the list of winners, check this link here.

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