Monday, 26 March 2012

Kenya Golf Open - Barclays gets you Teeing off

Kenya's ultimate golfing experience comes to you around this time of the year. Aptly named Kenya Open, the country's most prestigious golfing tournament tees off this Thursday at the Muthaiga Golf Club.

This golf forklore which has eluded many a Kenyan golfer will be sponsored by Barclays Bank Kenya hence the moniker 'Barclays Kenya Open', which committed title sponsorship till 2015. This year's tournament will be 3rd tourney ,as part of the 2012 European Challenge Tour and the ONLY African tournament featured too.
The total prize money is (approx)KSh. 20,900,000 ( €190,000) . The tournament has gone on to produce famous golfers  such as;
The European Challenge Tour website  lists 5 players to watch this weekend including
  • England's Chris Lloyd and Nick Dougherty;
  • South Africans' Michiel Bothma & Tyrone Ferreira; and
  • Danish Andres Harto
For those who love taking those long walks on the greens, and hoping the skies will be as clear as have been in the last couple of months, find your way to one of Kenya's famous golf clubs, Muthaiga Golf Club starting Thursday to Sunday. They say, many a managers are golfing people so you maybe just in luck to strike a deal or two. For more info, log on to the Kenya Golf Union website here

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