Friday, 10 February 2012

SuperSport pulls another first in East Africa Sport - SuperSport 9 East

Wednesday's launch of SuperSport 9 (SS9) East is a major boost to sports media development in the Eastern Africa. Broadcasting in the Swahili language, the channel will provide live coverage, expert analysis as well as commentaries pre and post-game and weekends. It will also have programming specifically tailored for the Eastern & Central Africa market.
SuperSport - image courtesy of

Having engaged over 30 personnel in media training - from commentators to cameramen and photographers - SuperSport has provided a wealth of knowledge to this niche market that is slowly making it to the mainstream and becoming lucrative for business. Encouraged by the unexploited potent of football, athletics, rugby and other sports such as cricket and volleyball, the region will cut out its place in the African continent. Starting today at 1200hours (E.A time) , SS9 East will surely be welcome fresh of air to East & Central Africa!

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