Wednesday, 22 September 2010

India v/s South Africa : Hosting Major Games - Part 1

While it maybe too early to make any comparisons, it has not escaped us that there are some lessons and conclusions that can be derived from the two countries. One represents the emergence from obscene levels of poverty while the other seeks to redress distribution of wealth. Let's take a deeper look here;
South Africa - 2010 World Cup:
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  • This is a single discipline sport but one with the largest follower-ship and audience across the world. 
  • South Africa had just about 6 years to work on its infrastructure - building new roads, airports and stadia as well.
  • Doubts were expressed about the security but these were sorted out in good time and no major incident occurred worth raising concerns.
  • Support is given to the host country by FIFA which governs the sport but this is often re-couped back by the federation making the host incur the larger bill.
  • Massive support was given by the Government - which has lately incurred the wrath of its citizens for not have the same commitment to social and other national issues.
  • Elaborate marketing campaigns are carried out not only from the host nation but also from the Federation
India - 2010 Commonwealth Games:

  • The Games rank 3rd or 4th depending on which continent you come from and has seen dropping audiences - it draws its audience mainly from member states most of which were colonies or administered by the British
  • India had slightly over 6 years to work on the infrastructure and much of the work has been hampered by delays, inflated costs and corruption charges. The so-called 'Friendly Games' might not be that friendly after all!
  • Just like the World Cup, security has become a major issue and is bound to cause organisers a headache with the populace of the sub-continent and the hostile nature of the country's neighbours.
  • The Games are run by the Commonwealth Games Federation which as they state in their mandate ' directs and controls' the Games. No major support is given to the host nation with the bill covered largely by the host nation and minimal awareness raised by participating countries ( commercial sustainability is lacking and maybe its undoing)
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  • The host nation undertakes the marketing campaign and all other campaigns to get potential countries to participate (though fairly supported by the Commonwealth Games Federation to a smaller extent). The major players here include former 'masters' Britain', Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa (to some extent).
We shall cover the second part of this in the coming weeks (as and if the Games do take place...)

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