Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sports Stadia and Ministry of Sport among worst performers in Kenyan Government Performance Index

That Sports Stadia Management Board was ranked as one of the worst performing Government parastatals by the Government of Kenya performance index is not a wonder to many a sports fan or enthusiast. Download the report here.
Along with this is the fact that the line Ministry also performed poorly pulling at the 39th out of 43 Ministries (...what a waste!) which signed to the Public Service Performance Contracts. With the Ministry being charged with the sports department dithering in management of major sports associations and missing the opportunities among others;

a) Football - not sorting out the wrangles that couple the football bodies portending to run the game in the country. Right now FIFA's trying to extend some diplomacy by offering KFF and FKL an amicable way of running the game. If you ask me, if we keep waiting for the FIFA far and Ms. Minister you have the chance to redeem our game.
b) Athletics - that we are hosting the African Athletics Championships is bound to be giving a boost to the local athletes but alas I read a different script. With no prize money and the Athletics Kenya still dragging its feet in managing the event, we are most likely to get our elite athletes missing the event of one or the other reason. If the Government can raise the profile of the event as well as commit more funds to the association and also insist on a reflection of changing times and tact in Athletics Kenya, we might be able to fend off competition from our northern neighbours, Ethiopia as well as North Africans. You can read what success Jamaica has with its athletes in the sprints.
c) Sports Stadia Management - having a fully fledged parastatal since 2003, we thought things looked up for hosting major events in the country in the next few years. True we can't expect miracles within 5-6 years but then again, when a Government Ministry decides to cross swords with corporates for the petty reason of 'preserving our heritage', we shall have monuments of shame. How now do you decide to renovate your prized stadium when the world's coming to Africa, is beyond me
d) Sports Policy Document - we still don't have a sports policy document, detailing how we can make the best of sports in the country. From investing in infrastructure to tax holidays for investors in sports and setting curriculum for sports business and sports psychology are issues we can outline in such a document. Not that there is not one in place, with a bit of haste and consultations we can get to rival South Africans and other African countries who know what sport can do to a nation. From golf, rugby, athletics and football, the list is endless in where we can lead potential local and foreign investors. Do you know your Ministry's easily one of the highest in foreign exchange remittances thanks to our winning athletes and sports personalities?

Addressing some of these issues will ensure you improve your lot in next year's ranking. Ms. Minister do us THAT FAVOUR please !


DataMiner said...

Expected. Totally clueless as usual.

SportsKenya said...

True true

quicksrugby said...

shame shame. we must no make them improve man to man.we cant rely on anyone and cry at the end of next year again.Missed opportunities etc