Friday, 23 April 2010

Kenya Football Woes: Ain't bought that yet ....

Following what one FIFA official reportedly said as having resolved the KFF and FKL issue, I ain't bought on that cr**! As they await the case to be resolved before the Court of Arbitration on who should run Kenyan football next week, the feebled FKL officials led by Mohammed Hatimy and his side-kick Titus Kasuve have been sending olive branches to the KFF 'officials' led by Sam Nyamweya.

No Bullshit !

Now I don't know which devil to support but the situation needs to be resolved urgently. Here's why;

1. 2010 World Cup - Missed opportunities - from missing the qualification and the coaching debacle that occasioned this. They have also not acted in the best interests misinforming the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs to undertake repairs to Kenya's premiere sports venue, Kasarani Sports Centre. How now do you do this when the world is coming to Africa?
2. FIFA Goal Project (Youth Development Programme) - Office upon office has been telling us how they will work with the youth programmes through the FIFA Goal project. Last year we missed the grant again ,thanks to the FKL officials
3. Kenya Premier League - this is our only hope for now but the vested interests in the boardrooms might spill into the field. The latest is the refereeing scandal which saw a nervy game between Tusker FC and Gor Mahia end in a draw with both sides having shown indiscipline to warrant severe punishment. That players and officials alike can walk into a game when and if they feel like is an abomination in any league worth its salt. KPL should be no exception!
Plus what SuperSport and other major corporates have invested can not go down the drain in such stupid fashion.

If the likes of Mariga and Oliech are making it through the European Leagues, it should be because of their own drive and lots of passion to the game. But if we can clean up our act soonest, I don't see why we should have a whole first 11 Kenyans playing for various leagues in Italy, France,Spain or even England ! Till then, FIFA please stop playing to the gallery!

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