Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Brand Kenya : Thinking of Ideas? Open Your Eyes !

Over the last few months, Brand Kenya & Kenya Tourism Board has made some efforts in trying to promote the country as an ideal destination for tourists from Europe and other continents.

I've even seen a flash ad on the BBC Website as well as the Magical Kenya one which even appeared on CNN which some critiques have commented on.
While all this is well-intentioned and may serve a certain number of interested parties, I'd wish to refer them to a survey they did some few days ago saying Kenyan athletes are the best for our country's image ?
Well RIGHT THERE ! You have your answer !
Why can't those who seek to promote the country think of selling our country during the major races in the cities of Madrid, Paris, London and Boston? They can sponsor a section of the race or put a 25-30 sec ad during the race (most of which are covered live across major TV channels and other terrestrial networks). Even better they can have the respective ambassadorial and diplomatic offices seek some placement before or after the race to sell some of their agenda or brand the events - sports branding.
How ideal it would be since you are almost always assured that a Kenyan will win the race or be among the top 3. When our brothers placed 2nd-5th on this year's Paris Marathon, our own ambassador Elkanah Odembo was among the fans cheering and was emblazoned in Kenyan colours and had also handed out Kenyan flag-lets to Kenyans and fans along the way. It was a joy watching the cameras capture our few minutes of glory.
What more, what happens when our boys are playing in the IRB circuit across the world? Hey maybe they have not thought of it that way but you'll have more than enough to do and the savings from having to send all the entourages across the globe. Wishful thinking ???


TrAcksIdE said...

I've been trying to get this point across to whoever can listen for so long now.
Glad that there's a sharp Ambassador like Elkanah Odembo out there who realizes this and is doing something about it.

Sportskenya said...

Thank you TrAksIdE (interesting name) and hope someone acts on it. See how the London marathon organisers decided to come fetch our athletes? They know the stakes are high and for them it's a premiere event