Monday, 1 March 2010

Kenyan Football :- Back to the Doldrums

Earlier this year, I had done a post on Kenyan football and it's perceived comeback on the continental scene. But all this has been undone by the weekend fixtures which effectively means our local teams can only wait for the CECAFA Club tournament to make any meaningful contribution to the football scene beyond our borders.
This is tragic given the amount of investment that has been streaming in thanks to the good work by SuperSport ( and no , they are not paying us to blow the horn for them). KPL- which manages the Kenyan Premier league has given its fair share too but not without its shortcomings.
The real culprit though especially for one of the clubs, AFC Leopards has been its management team.
- How do you employ a person only to pressure him when they have managed only one game?
- What measures did you have in place to challenge the continental onslaught since you had over 3 months to prepare for this?
- How do you entrust a management team which has no wherewithal to finance the team even if they have to dip into their pockets? (I'm made to understand the team got its air tickets to Ethiopia on Friday evening from a prominent politician who's leveraging himself using the team)
- There is a whole season to play for. Do you have the funds and the structures to be able to ensure the team plays for top honours?
- Do we have a technical training institute for football tacticians or do we wait for retired footballers to come into the scene and claim to know a thing or two about football?
- Youth academies, how many local clubs have these in place ?

If we dare answer some of these questions, we can spare the blushes next year to at least see one of our teams feature in the African Champions League. As for now, it's back to the local stadiums and the usual English and other European leagues on TV. Sad if I must say!

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