Wednesday, 24 February 2010

MacDonald Mariga - Making the Champions' League cum English Debut ?

After creating such a buzz during the transfer window in January, our very own McDonald Mariga's about to take to the pitch, this time on a high profile game which might just launch his career into greatness.
Playing for one of the continent's revered sides and playing against one of England's best hopes for a Champions League win, Mariga will come up against tried and tested pedigree at a continental level.
It's good that for a long time now most Kenyans have rooted for either an English or Spanish side but Italians, we've never really fancied. Well feast your eyes on this one ! Tonight at 2245hrs on your favourite sports channel (if you have cable) or if they screen it on the normal network(s). Here's the squad named by Jose Mourinho.

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