Monday, 1 February 2010

MotorSport - San Valencia Rally School breaks new ground

Awhile back when the rallying world seemed to have come down crumbling after the withdrawal of the Safari Rally by the WRC gurus, rallying enthusiasts all but gave up on this fledging sport. Not one to be faint-hearted both on the wheel and off it, it requires lots of nerves, guts and also the good-old mullah ($$$)to go with it.

That's why there was cause for celebration when retired (& soon to come out of retirement...)one Phineas Kimathi of San Valencia Group - which operates eatery and catering services around Nairobi - came up with other rallying veterans ( Abdul Sidi, Azar Anwar, Asad Khan and George Mwangi) to form the San Valencia Rally School.
The first of its kind in the country, it is hoped to develop local talent into rally drivers and impart a bit of the technical aspects of the sport to the younger and upcoming rally drivers.

Hoping to incorporate other worthy components such as WRC's Junior World Rally Championship, and other aspects such as may involve rallying, it is a fresh way of developing our drivers and inspiring future ones at that. We hope such initiatives will give impetus to the local organisers to up their game on rallying to get the Safari Rally back to the WRC circuit, that way your efforts will not be in vain. You can also learn more from such rallying schools as this one at Silvestone.

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Roy said...

How do i access information abt the school?