Wednesday, 3 February 2010

MacDonald Mariga's Miss - Lessons for Kenyan football

Thanks to the dithering football authorities and the usual last minute haste and Mariga missed out on what the local media had already hyped as the deal of the year. What is even more amusing is the fact that our very own PM tried gaining mileage too saying how he'd helped acquire a work permit after placing a call to the UK authorities. Laughable if you ask me...
Photo Courtesy of Inter Milan official website.

What do we learn from this ?

First we are celebrating a single player almost making it to the English Premiership League for the first time, well and good. But shouldn't we be sad that it has taken us almost 18 years to get what would have been the first player into the EPL ? Countries such as Congo (both Congo Kinshasa & Congo Brazzaville already have two players having played there even when their states are not the most stable economically). You can also check out the spread of international players currently playing in the EPL here.
Secondly if this is not a good enough wake-up call for the Kenyan football authorities then I don't know what is. Forget the fancy bid they made for the 2016 Africa Cup of Nations ( Big Joke !)Forget the Antoine Hey fiasco (Mr. PM he DID NOT IMPROVE Kenyan football). If there is a time that Kenyan young players will get inspired in playing the game it is now. If you put a little more effort and time in investing in the Kenya Premier League as SuperSport has so willingly been patient with you, then the yield will be a whole load of talent.
Third expounding on the 2nd point above, if you have good local talent it automatically means you develop a good local scene. Coming from the Africa Cup of Nations, the North Africans and some West African countries have shown us that they have what it takes to earn bragging rights, ask the Egyptians.
That's fair enough for now as we look forward to a new season 2010 !

Mariga's Boon:
It may seem lost that he didn't make it to England, but methinks he will improve dramatically working under the 'The Special One'. It may also be right given he has a chance playing in the Champions League fixtures starting soon.
Who knows in the summer his tag may improve dramatically and may find just the right suitors?


kcbrfc said...

true story

Anonymous said...

apart from money, hes much better off at inter. champions league, brilliant coach, working next to guys like wesley sneijder, eto'o, deigo milito, materazzi - wow. if i was at this level i know which team i would choose. city at best will be in champions league in a years time, but not a guarantee

SportsKenya said...

@Anon, guess your prediction is right. We have seen what they did to Barcelona for the UEFA Champions League & their run-in to the Scudetto. He even scored a goal (though it was credited to Muntari) Let's how far the fairy tale goes as we await end of Italian regular season and UEFA Champs League Final in May