Monday, 7 September 2009

Death of Kenyan ref :- Disgrace to sports !

On Saturday, one Dan Etolle-a football referee who was died from stab wounds by football fans he was officiating in Thika-was buried. This was TOTAL DISGRACE to sport not just football but the whole of the sporting world.
It is true that some officials make really dubious calls in games while others bring disrepute into sport but these are the minority. For Dan, his was not even such a call, just some excitable fans who thought they were doing their team a favor. What hurts me even more is slow (or no reaction) by the Football Kenya ( or KFF, which ever lays claim to managing the Kenyan game!)to the offense.
Just as they took their sweet time reacting to acts of hooliganism from one of Kenyan's oldest and most followed clubs, this time they ought to have acted with speed. They didn't even send a representative to pay final respects to the official. What tragedy ! Maybe the gods were punishing us yesterday for not respecting ourselves !

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