Monday, 7 September 2009

2010 World Cup Qualifiers: Kenya's headed Down but not to SA

As the major football powers are finally drawing closer to qualifying for the World Cup, for Kenya even the simplest of tasks is proving otherwise. We have been rewarding teams with our mediocre performances and still hoping that the gods will save our blushes and maybe, just maybe help us carry the day ( one day) to another major championship.
Playing Mozambique, the local Press was busy singing praises how we have a professional (sic) outfit and have players who matter to take us to the Africa Cup of Nations and maybe just sneak in a World Cup in the same mix.
In my humble opinion, our chances of qualification to any of these tournaments ended the day some intrusive football official(s) felt that one Francis Kimanzi was shown the door. Though not all that in terms of technical capabilities and international exposure, he had managed to cobble together a team comprised mostly of local and promising talents which had recovered and shown great potential.
For some reason,these officials along with Government operatives led by the PM felt it was 'imperative' to get foreign expertise and what better than to consult his European chums in Germany who brought us a gentleman who's living like a prince along with his family as we keep wandering further from our goal(s) of qualification.
Our striking force has been pathetic at most scoring only 3 times in 4 games. We keep hoping the partnership of Oliech and Oboya will do something upfront but to no avail. The backline is also archaic looking at one Musa Otieno who blundered in yesterday's game even as he tries to live one last dream of playing in a major tournament.
I would go on and on critiquing the team but that's for the mainstream media which has been hoodwinked and co-opted into thinking we will make it to the aforementioned tournaments.
I would rather be more realistic like my Bongo brothers who are aiming for Brazil 2014 and are working in earnest starting with their local league. Have we gotten ours in order here, before thinking continental or global ?

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