Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Beach Volleyball in Kenya

Finally there seems to be somebody reading this blog (hehehe). Mombasa hosted a 2-day tournament for the the International Beach Volleyball Championships. The Kenyan government had even sponsored it to some Ksh. 1.07 million but they sent a junior official to officiate.
Ironically 2 countries without beaches -Rwanda and Uganda were in the finals in the men's division and Uganda was again represented in the women's finals. Though more regional than international, the tournament can raise interest and even become a major event in the Kenyan sports calendar. Our pedigree in volleyball is without doubt and we can offer some of the best beaches around.
These two can serve us well to encourage sports tourism as some means of adding extra packages to our tourism packages. I don't see why we can conquer the rest of Africa in the sport too?

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