Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kenya's in Beach Volleyball

For those who love the Sun and sand of the Kenyan coast, well ask no more you can enjoy this weekend at Mombasa these sights and get a feel of one of the most exciting games in the world of sports-beach volleyball.
Sponsored by a Kenyan mobile company and co-sponsored by another fledging media and entertainment company, the tournament will pit some of Kenya's seasoned players trying to dig out of the sand pits and spiking high balls as they try to get the better of their opponents.
This sport would make more sense to me since the country has enough reservoir of talent in volleyball circles and it is a better indulgence better than the drugs and other distractions among the youth of the Coastal region of the country.
It is also a crowd puller with interesting sights and sounds and which entertainment company wouldn't kill to want to be associated with such a sport. Front-runners in this game include Brazil which has dominated the game and the US of A which picks up on any sport and takes it to the next level, thanks to corporate support and open-minded sports business administrators.
Give it a thought Kenya Volleyball Federation ....

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