Monday, 10 August 2009

Spoccer -Kenyan Football News for you

If you have been a keen follower of the Kenyan football scene, you have noticed we have quite a number of channels covering the game. With the Kenya football website, KPL website, the latest kid on the block is Spoccer. This is a monthly pocket-sized newsletter which also has a website. They have a number of highlights from the player of the month,monthly fixtures, national team news among others.
This is a positive move forward. Given the level of interest the local league is attracting, such avenues will provide the necessary online support and provide the news to the rest of the world. We will witness an improvement in the game, as is demanded from the fans who have been given a raw deal over the last few years. Media deals, sponsorship deals from the corporate world and serious club structures will mean a movement towards achieving a truly professional league.
Though KPL is yet to get there, with such ventures as this, they can only get better unless proven otherwise.The balls on their court, we're ready and kickin' the action !

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