Friday, 7 August 2009

Another Boon for Sports

The corporate world in Kenya seems to have smelt the coffee and finally woken up to the reality of the potential in sports. This week saw another company agree to sponsor Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association Games to be held later on this month in Malindi. This package's worth KShs. 5.5 million, no mean feat for junior sports, from Brookside Dairies.
This is hot in the heels of another corporate's sponsorship of the same event-Barclays Bank of Kenya. The competition that corporate firms are having to sponsor this and that sport is really healthy and creating some buzz in the sports world. The exposure that we have gained through such initiatives is enormous and the company's too learn a thing or two about their target market.
This is to hoping we shall see more and more money making its way into sport and investing in the younger lads. These guys are bursting off the blocks and are waiting in the wings, rugby 7s and athletics can attest to this.
But we must not forget to keep the sports officials in check, they still need some serious professionalism infused. We can't lie down and expect heaven with monies pouring in, work for the next big thing. Ask the US Basketball Collegiate League and the NBA !

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