Friday, 14 August 2009

Rugby 7s to feature in 2016 Olympics

For what would have been a worthy opportunity for Kenya's Rugby 7s team to showcase and fight for the medal standings, the wait has to be a little longer. The IOC has decided to consider the Rugby 7s as a feature sporting discipline in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games where the host city will be known on October 9th,2009 at the 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen.
Cities bidding to host the Games include, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Tokyo (which wishes to host the second time after first hosting in 1964). My take would be for Rio or Chicago (especially given Pres. Obama's strong endorsement).
As for rugby 7s, the IRB had put a good show including Kenya's own Humphrey Khayange. Let's hope our Kenyan team will make the cut and we'll have developed a formidable team by then. 7 years is not too much to ask for preparations.
Other sports considered for the 2012 Games are Women's Boxing. For the 2016 Games, Golf will also be featured.

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