Monday, 24 August 2009

Berlin World Athletics- Kenya's Performance

First things first! Congratulations to those who won Kenya's gold medals. Special mention to the middle and long distance ladies for breaking Ethiopia's stronghold on the these distances.
Secondly, I guess the Germans are finally waking up and warming up our hearts with their hosting sports events. They have shown us what technology, hospitality and efficiency can do to sport. Who can't remember the warmth of the mascot when the German discuss thrower won his event and they ran the breadth of the track at one point being carried on the back?

Berlino does the Lightning Strikes with Bolt

Bragging rights in order? We missed the medal count by 2 bronze medals. OK, we may have missed the events which we thought we would win medals in but all the same, our analysis was 85% on point. We will continue making these observations for major events based on season news,historical info and current happenings.
Athletics Kenya needs to work on our team strategy which at some points seemed to be non-existent ( look at the 1500m men and the 5000m too). They may have done a good job reducing the number of Grand Prix events our athletes loving running in.
Our tactical approach also needs serious honing, seems the ladies are picking something our gentlemen are missing.
What happened to the short races especially the 400m? We used to challenge even in the relay and was waiting for this action yesterday only to see our fellow African brothers seriously humiliated.
Looking forward to the African Athletics Championships in Nairobi next year ! Till then Wiedersehen & Karibu Sana !


DataMiner said...

I think whereas our women have stepped up to bat, our men are a dismal disappointment. We used to get 5 gold medals entirely from the men.. this has be reduced to 2! Kudos to the girls, they are doing us proud. To the men.. pull up and operate as a team!

SportsKenya said...

Yeah our men have taken leave of their calling and the ones we could have used are in another country altogether ( ...Billy Konchellah's son, Yusuf Saad Kamal- 1500m winner)!