Friday, 3 July 2009

Oliech ....we gettin Arab money !!!

Kenyan's star player who has lately buckled under intense criticism for not getting his mojo back for the Kenyan national team, has decided to move back to the Arab world. The player returns to the peninsula after a disaster for a season with 2 goals for his club -Auxerre. Though he may say this deal is worth the while, SK thinks he is about to call it quits in the professional circles.
For those who follow football, the only competitive League in the Arab world is the Turkish League which has the Galatasarays and Fenerbaches which have even featured in the Champions League proper, that to me would have been a better proposal.
We all know when you use your kin as management and also when the $$$ starts getting into your head. This and the shenanigans played by local players thinking they will have the seemingly sums for life only for you to leave the game dishonourably ought to figure for this brother....but then as Busta Rhymes says it we gettin' Arab money ...

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