Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Do some fans have a monopoly over others in Kenya?

Over the last few weeks, since the resumption of the Kenya Premier League, the script has not changed much especially for the former bigwigs of Kenyan football. AFC Leopards even went to the extreme of recruiting over 18 players making a complete makeover. But the effect of that is yet to be felt.
But even with the team still bottom of the table, their fans have not behaved like hooligans except of course the game they interfered with at City Stars Hope Centre Grounds at Kawangware early in the season.
Which brings me to the now infamous Gor Mahia fans...since when did it become their prerogative to think they are the only fans who can cheer? Their actions in the last two weekends leave a lot to be desired and as if KPL has no teeth, they just watch as these guys wreak havoc on other progressive fans of the game.
Since when did vuvuzelas have an official custodian? And if so when did they pay the royalties for the same? And I didn't know you can't play your drums before a game of Gor Mahia...All these actions taking place in the glare of international coverage and local security agencies?
I think they are lucky the likes of some of us are not managing football in Kenya. a TOTAL BAN of 5 games should be effected to put a lid on some of these archaic habits. These guys are living in the 19th century. Read more here

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