Saturday, 25 July 2009

Odumbe's ban comes to an end- any comeback ?

One of the harshest bans ever slapped on a Kenyan sports personalities comes to an end next month. All who loved the Kenyan team which conquered the cricket giants in 1996, we all remember our very own Maurice Odumbe.
OK, the jury is still out there as to what happened between him and the book-maker. That his lifestyle had suddenly become flashy did not help his case much. What I found hypocritical was the fact that a West Indian player had been caught with a book-making offence even caught on camera but the ICC banned him for only 2 years.
Well, the ICC might not really love our Kenyan cricket officials and may have wanted to make an example of our gifted cricket brother. Maybe they may have even conspired to kill any inspiration that he may have had, you know the team's Achilles' heel? Who knows maybe that's why we have seen such deteriorating standards in the game since our cricket players are scared of stepping on the wrong coals.
Anyway enough of my hearsay, Odumbe's ban officially ends on August 4th as he marks his 40th birthday. Shall we see one of the best cricketers to grace our cricket grounds back on the crease? The cricket World Cup is next year and you never know. Only time will tell.
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