Thursday, 5 February 2009

Naspers acquires English Premiership TV rights

( Thanks to your comments on the GTV article below, we can now report the following)

Following GTV’s closure, Naspers has acquired rights to the English Premier League games for an undisclosed fee. The company was among the companies that had bid for the rights together with GTV and DSTv last year but lost out narrowly with GTV getting 80% of the games while DSTv managed to get 20% (though they did screen recorded games).
This is some relief to the English game’s enthusiasts, who were beginning to rue their weekend afternoons thanks to these acquired tastes. I'm afraid though that DSTv will maintain monopolistic tendencies which may hurt growth and competition in pay TV.
Lesson learnt: We should look to improve our own before seeking other leagues-at least the loss would be more bearable.
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