Thursday, 5 February 2009

Branding: What next for brand ‘Phelps’?

Thanks to some ‘innocent pose’ some of the most lucrative endorsements have just been blown away. Michael Phelps-easily the most recognized Olympian now may curse his ‘bad devils’. Another wrong pose may now cost his brand which had really improved thanks to the sterling performance last year. It makes me wonder whether his publicist and PR people are doing their job.
Before last year’s Games, the only other incident was a drinking altercation and earlier bad Press conferences which improved after opening up the rather introverted youth. He reminds me of our local football star; Dennis ‘The Menace’ Oliech who had grown bigger than the locals knew him and was clashing with everyone from football officials to local Press as well as his fans. At least now, he’s been humbled though he still needs some professional publicist and PR guy to work on his public appearances.
As for Phelps, he may need to consult guys who worked with Kobe Bryant, the guy seemed to have been buried by the sex scandal that befell him but he came back and is now the NBA’s biggest star. His estimated worth due to endorsements was running into over US$100 million-the first swimmer to break that ceiling. M. Phelps can also hope that Chinese companies let this one slide but again, he better know he’s grown into a man now and he better act like one! 24 and more than 10 Olympic gold medals’ is not child’s play!

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