Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bolt's wish for the New Year

If local media stories are to be believed ,Kenya could be entertaining the fastest man in the planet in 2009. It's not your everyday guest and this would be a welcome move by athletics practitioners and sports industry alike. Puma , the official apparel company for the 'new kid off the blocks' has made an intention to develop the current African portfolio.
Photo courtesy of AFP
In addition to the football scene which is well dominated by Adidas and Nike, Puma comes in a mean 3rd or 4th depending on which count you are on. Athletics seems to be a closer bet for them and with the Jamaican-Usain Bolt-IAAF Athlete of the Year- in their bag , they couldn't ask for better ambassador.

Kenya could also do well with a high profile sports personality since this year we have already received a couple of visitors this year the latest being the Serena Williams.

We should get a brief on what he does to make him the 'lighting bolt' that he is and hopefully, just hopefully have a Kenyan win one of the sprints in 2016....

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