Thursday, 2 October 2008

Rally: Bits and pieces

Photo by Anwar Sidi

While I was taking my Idd break, I overheard some advert for the KCB S&L rally scheduled for the coming weekend. Listening to the routes for the rally, it dawned on me that the officials of KNRC have cut the former Safari Rally routes and modelled them into smaller, less tedious and more manageable rallies.
But while they go about massacring what is left of the famous rally, it might also remind them that we need it back on the WRC circuit and unless this happens fast, rallying in Kenya will be another artifact in the sports archives.
I read about one Surinder Thatthi causing hell of Formula One's Lewis Hamilton. OK, my Sikh brother, please put in a good word to for the Safari. Shekhar Mehta went into the grave with that one favour for Kenyan or is it East African rallying enthusiasts.

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