Thursday, 2 October 2008

AK's Elections

As expected, the AK elections have started eliciting exchanges between the outgoing officials and the Government. Being one of the well-heeled associations in Kenya, this is bound to happen as the crows start crowding out each other.
The current crop of officials have tried keeping a tight lid on things but from observations and comments from current athletes, retired athletes and interested parties; they have not been up to the task.
While the performances of our athletes tend to mask their weaknesses,most of these officials do not even deserve to be in office in the first place. What they have enjoyed over the years has been political patronage which is ceding by the day and cartel-like structures right from the lower branches and leeway from IAAF top cream.
Branch elections are scheduled for this weekend while the national ones are to be held a week later. But the Sports Minister is seeking to postpone the same by at least 6 months.
The excuse of writing a new constitution and other shenanigans is not enough to warrant such a delay. Again we can't tell the sort of officials coming through from the lower rings though I'm told the current elections have attracted the largest number of retired athletes.
It would be sad to see this association go the way of most sports associations in Kenya. It's still a beacon of hope for now, let it remain as such.

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