Wednesday, 15 October 2008

KBF Play-offs:- Another Pedestrian season

The coming weekends present the Kenyan basketball scene with what is supposed to be the highlights of the season, the KBF Play-offs where the top 4 teams from each of the leagues play for the ultimate spot and the prestige ( no money the last time I checked !)that comes with it.
As usual, I paid casual visit some weekends ago and I almost shed tears at the level of competition in these leagues. There are simply no crowd attractions. 2 months ago, HomeBoyz Productions together with Coca-Cola Co under the flagship brand Sprite tried bringing the game alive with the Streetball which went for 2 weekends then fizzled out ! Reasons unknown to us but one major reason is non-frills display of the Kenyan game.
When the new officials took office early this year, I thought we were redeemed but far from it. There is even concern that the gam may become just another fairy tale -the likes of Netball-who plays that game anyway ?
I'll make my place to the Play-off Finals but I'll be keen to see what the new year holds for this game.
What were the Kenyan official thinking sending an under-strength team to the Junior Women's Championships in Tunis ? For such an energy-sapping game you can't afford to have a bench made up of 5 players, unless you're the Dream Team of the 1990s !
Style up guys !

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