Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Disorganisation : Kenyan Sports Officials serving

We keep reading of this and I'm getting fed up with our Kenyan sports officials trying to make excuses. Last week's national football team drama was the last straw that broke the back.
How in high heaven do you leave the team to the mercies of your hosts, however good they might seem ? With all the animosity towards the team before and even after the match you expected red carpet treatment ? And given that we don't have a working embassy in the country, you are supposed to take extra precautions.There were even Government officials accompanying the team who kept giving conflicting accounts of why the team had to come in separate batches.
During the Olympics we witnessed a similar thing when the team arrived in Beijing in different batches but the officials didn't seem to know what was meant to go where. To make it worse we had over 30 officials travelling with the team almost outnumbering the athletes. What was their role and who was paying their allowances ? Earlier this month, Kenya's under-18 basketball team travelled to Tunisia with an under-strength team and expected to qualify for the Finals ....please !
Mid this year we saw the junior national hockey lads get suspended for refusing to take to the field after the officials couldn't guarantee payment of daily allowances as agreed.
Is it a Kenyan thing or is it a phenomenal common to sports officials elsewhere ? I'm sick and tired of this !


Anonymous said...

Cud ths mean sports is such a disorganised thng in KENYA? At lst u have smthng 2 rue frm.
Sum of our countries hav nothing to write abt, politics, hunger and econ woes !
Btw r u a journalist by any chance ?

Sportskenya said...

Thanx anon,
Guess when u start bloggin u become 1 by default. Where do u come frm if u don't mind me asking ?