Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hockey: Season over but where's the Progress

Over the last few months, Sportskenya has been reviewing sports disciplines which are not in the mainstream in the Kenyan sports scene. Hockey has been one beneficiary of this initiative. Having attended a few games, I have gathered quite some insight into the game. Thus over the weekend as the curtains came down on this year's league,it was fair to give some inches on this forum of the sport.
Starting with our ladies who have been improving over the years, I can say we have what can be moulded into a continental if not world challenging team. What's more impressive is the upcoming teams from the colleges and universities. These have been giving some of the more established clubs some competition and also helped hone the skills of the players.
But as with most Kenyan sports technical expertise is lacking and last year's World Championships showed just that. With the game extending within the City and to some major towns in the Coast, there is need for the Kenyan Hockey Union officials to make available these technical experts.
The other reason is funds availability. Most corporates have been 'yoyoing' in their support for the game. Now you see them now you don't ! This is maybe due to non-accountability of some of the officials and also misplaced priorities of the corporate support-some sports like golf enjoy 'over-sponsorship' while other sports are screaming for funds despite good performances.

logo courtesy of Orange

As our ladies proceed to Nigeria for the continental championships, it was relief seeing their mother company come out in supporting them. Considering only a year ago, they had almost banished the team even after performing well. The company-Telkom Kenya * has been splashing marketing largesse around in the name of rebranding, what more could you ask for than such a commitment ?

* Was it me or did I see Orange logos during the Guinea vs Kenya match in Conakry on Sunday ? So the French revolution's taking over the continent ? Is this some new brand of 'colonialism' ? Just a thought !

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