Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Athletics Kenya- Same old same old ....

As I had said in some earlier comments, I did not want AK to go the way of other sports federations' way but they did one better, they returned the same officials almost to a man !
Now that's not progress from where we're coming from.In as much as it can be said to a democratic affair, the whole system was flawed right from the start, and some of the contestants tried to wish this away and ended up licking sticky wounds !
Looking like FIFA's Sepp Blatter, AK still needs a better outfit to be able to propel the sport to the next level. What has suprised me is the silence from media houses about the election, sort of like they knew what would happen.
With the upcoming Africa Athletics Championships, various annual athletics meets and events as well as preparations for the next Commonwealth Games some serious scrutiny needs be put forward for these officials.
I pity some of the former athletes who were left with egg all over their face as they tried pulling a rare win. Ask one Issa Hayatou of CAF ( also representing Africa in FIFA) what elections can be, that way you won't have a repeat next time. As for athletics in Kenya, there's still light shining down on us.

World Athlete of the Year:
2 of Kenya's Olympic gold medallists have been nominated for this year's World Athlete of the Year. Pamela Jelimo's among the favourites in the ladies category though facing competition for Ethiopian Dirunesh Dibaba while Samuel Wanjiru's been nominated for men's award. I'll no doubt push forward Jelimo's case for now and pray she wins the award in her first year of competitive athletics.

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