Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tribute to a worthy broadcasting lady

While in my hiatus, a great loss happened to our local broadcasting world with the death of one Anne Wambui Ofula. Having known her as would every Kenyan from her times as continuity announcer at VOK-Voice of Kenya (now Kenya Broadcasting Services) and later as news-caster to the more senior roles of programme editor and head of outside broadcasts once in awhile, I got to meet her in different forums especially sporting functions. I also consulted for some business interests and was particularly impressed in her zeal to get things done and the humble approach she had to life.
Of importance was that among her last public functions to act as Co-MC. She always complimented Sammy Lui –he of Presidential Press Service and on-and-off reporting for KBC. This was the KCC National Athletics Meet at Nyayo National Stadium in July 2008. Her final engagement was another sporting function though this time receiving the garlanded Kenyan athletes from Beijing (and I’m told that same day her daughter from overseas was also coming home). Alas as she closed her day some lunatic of a driver was driving in speeds not allowed on public roads and she had an accident which cost the life of one of Kenyan’s more consistent female broadcasters who put away personal ambition to help KBC remain in the spotlight despite the advent of all the new TV channels.
You’ll be missed by one and all ………lay in eternal peace.

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